I was made on a small Island that has no name… 9 months later I was born in Belgrade and named Marta P. Zuborski.

As a freelance photographer who lives in New York City I find life to be very photogenic. It is generous enough to pose for me anytime.

Since graduating from the University of Fine Arts Novi Sad-Photography & New Media I have been shooting and editing photographs for theaters, magazines, books, catalogs,    websites,  posters,  documentary movies...
My work has been displayed in art exhibitions and galleries in Novi Sad, Belgrade, Island  of Vis and New York City. 
Sometimes when I’m not taking photos and the radio is off, I like to get out my guitar and sing, or if there’s water around I swim until I grow fins…
If you would like to work with me, purchase my prints or ask any questions please go to my contact page.  
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